We value our relationships above all else. We work hard to accomplish your needs. We communicate with you the way you feel most comfortable and with the frequency you deem necessary. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively with our clients. We provide:

Written Plans

  • Financial Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Philanthropic/Charitable Planning

Investment Management

  • Investment Strategy/Policy
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Manager
  • Research and Selection
  • Performance Evaluation and Reporting

Ancillary Services

  • Risk Management
  • Social Security Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Access to Strategic Partners: CPA’s, Attorneys, Gerontologists


Sometimes services and products that are in the best interests of our clients are needed that are beyond our areas of expertise. In those cases, we work with our clients to find the best solution for their particular need. We draw on the relationships we have developed nationally over the past 25 years.

We provide custom-tailored services to meet the individual needs of each client.

We can be compensated in any way we mutually agree:

Hourly Fee/Project Fee

  • Advisor Rate is $300/hr.
  • Associate Rate is $175/hr.
  • Clerical Rate $100/hr.
  • Project Fees are quoted before work begins.

Assets Under Management

  • Fees range from .25% to 1.5%.


  • Commissions are disclosed at the time of purchase.

*There is never any fee for consultations or services until it has been discussed and agreed.